Package cb.petal

Interface Summary
AccessQualified Denote that a petal object may have an attribute "exportControl", e.g.
Documented Denote that a petal object may have documentation associated with it.
HasQuidu Denote that a petal object contains a reference to another object via the property "quidu".
HasSupplier Denote that a petal object contains a reference to another object via the property "supplier", i.e., a fully qualified name like "Logical View::University::Professor".
Labeled Denote that a petal object may have a label.
Named Denote that a petal object has a name parameter, e.g.
PetalNode Super class for all petal nodes, e.g., objects, lists, value, literals, etc..
Qualified Denote that a petal object has a qualified name parameter, e.g.
SegLabeled Denote that a petal object has a SegLabel label
StereoTyped Denote that a petal object may have an attribute "stereotype", e.g.
Tagged Denote that a petal object has a tag, i.e.
Visitor Visitor interface.

Class Summary
AccessObject Super class for all petal objects that have access qualifiers, i.e., "Public", "Protected", "Private", or "Implementation" (whatever that means, probably it reads "language dependent")
Action Represents action object
ActionTime Represents ActionTime object
ActivityDiagram Represents ActivityDiagram object
ActivityStateView Represents ActivityStateView object
AssocAttachView Represents AssocAttachView object which is means it is just the line drawn between an association and an association class.
Association Represents Association object
AssociationViewNew Represents AssociationViewNew object, i.e.
AttachView Represents AttachView object which means the line drawn between a note (view) and some entity.
Attribute Represents Attribute object
BooleanLiteral Boolean literal which may obviously either be true or false.
CategoryView This view corresponds to a ClassCategory object.
Class Represents Class object, there are a lot of convenience methods here for adding super class(es), operations, attributes, etc.
ClassAttribute Represents class attribute (aka field) of class object.
ClassCategory Class category is used for structuring into submodels and -views, it may contain further class categories.
ClassDiagram Represents ClassDiagram object contained within a LogicalCategory object.
ClassInstanceView Represents ClassInstanceView object
ClassUtility Represents Class Utility object, i.e., helper class
ClassView Represents ClassView object
Compartment Represents Compartment object
ConnectionRelationship Represents Connection_Relationship object
ConnectionView Represents ConnectionView object
DataFlowView Represents DataFlowView object
DecisionView Represents DecisionView object
Defaults Represents defaults for top level design object.
DependencyRelationship Represents Dependency_Relationship object
DependencyView Represents DependencyView object
DerivedClass Super class for instantiated and paramerized class objects.
DescendingVisitor By default visits petal tree with DFS.
Design Represents top level design object.
Device Represents Device object
DeviceView Represents DeviceView object
Diagram Super class for diagrams
EmptyVisitor Visitor containing just empty methods.
Event Represents Event object
ExternalDoc Refer to external documentation, i.e.
FloatLiteral Floating point literal (in fact a double).
FocusOfControl Represents Focus_Of_Control object
Font Represents font object.
ImportView Represents ImportView object
Inheritable Denote that a petal object may be extended, i.e.
InheritanceRelationship Represents inheritance relationship between classes.
InheritTreeView Represents InheritTreeView object
InheritView Represents InheritView object, i.e.
InstantiatedClass Represents Instantiated_Class object
InstantiatedClassUtility Represents Instantiated_Class object
InstantiateView Represents InstantiateView object
InstantiationRelationship Represents Instantiation_Relationship object
IntegerLiteral Integer literal.
InteractionDiagram Represents InteractionDiagram object
InterfaceView Represents InterfaceView object
InterMessView Represents InterMessView object
InterObjView Represents InterObjView object
ItemLabel Represents ItemLabel object attached to View objects, ClassView in particular
Label Represents Label object
Link Represents Link object
LinkSelfView Represents LinkSelfView object
LinkView Represents LinkView object
List Lists (list foo ...) containing other petal nodes.
Literal Super class for literals like int, String, value, etc.
Location Tuple of integer values like (1520, 96).
LogicalCategory The Logical category contains class diagrams.
Mechanism Represents Mechanism object
Message Represents Message object
MessView Represents MessView object
MetaClass Represents Meta class object
Module Represents module object
ModuleDiagram Represents Module_Diagram object
ModuleVisibilityRelationship Represents Module_Visibility_Relationship object
ModView Represents ModView object
ModVisView Represents ModVisView object
NoteView Represents NoteView object, i.e.
Object Represents Object object
ObjectDiagram Represents ObjectDiagram object
ObjectView Represents ObjectView object
Operation Represents operation object, i.e.
Parameter Represents Parameter object for operations (methods).
ParameterizedClass Represents Parameterized_Class object
ParameterizedClassUtility Represents Parameterized_Class_Utility object
Partition Represents Partition object
Petal Represents top level petal object.
PetalFile Top level node (aka.
PetalObject Super class for all petal objects which have a list of properties.
Process Represents Process object
ProcessDiagram Represents Process_Diagram object
Processes Represents Processes object
Processor Represents Processor object
ProcessorView Represents ProcessorView object
Properties Represents Properties object
QuidObject Super class for all petal objects that have a "quid" property defined, i.e.
QuiduObject Super class for all quid objects that also have a quidu property defined.
QuiduView Super class for all view objects with a "quidu" property defined.
RealizeRelationship Represents Realize relationship ("implements").
RealizeView Represents RealizeView object
Relationship Super class for all relationships between classes.
RelationshipView Super class for all relationship view objects.
Role Represents Role object
RoleView Represents RoleView object
SegLabel Represents SegLabel object attached to associations
SelfMessView Represents SelfMessView object = message to self in sequence diagram
SemanticInfo Pre or postcondition of method
SendEvent Represents sendEvent object
SimpleObject Very simple object, basically just a record.
SimpleViewObject Very simple object, basically just a record.
State Represents State object
StateDiagram Represents State_Diagram object
StateMachine Represents State_Machine object
StateTransition Represents State_Transition object
StateView Represents StateView object
StringLiteral There are two kinds of string encodings in Rose: Either the usual "foo bar", or a multi line string where each line starts with a |.
SubSystem Represents SubSystem object
SubSysView Represents SubSysView object
Swimlane Represents Swimlane object
SynchronizationView Represents SynchronizationView object
Tag Reference to object.
TransView Represents TransView object
Tuple Tuple (name, value), like in ("DataBaseSet" 800)
UseCase Represents UseCase object
UseCaseCategory Use case class category.
UseCaseDiagram Represents UseCaseDiagram object
UseCaseView Represents UseCaseView object
UsesRelationship Represents uses relationship in use case diagrams, in class diagrams this is also used to express dependency relationships.
UsesView Represents UsesView object
Value Values like in (value Text "foo")
View Super class for all view objects used in the diagrams.
VisibilityRelationship Represents Visibility_Relationship object