accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.State
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Module
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.SemanticInfo
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ModView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.BooleanLiteral
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.StateMachine
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.RoleView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Link
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ActionTime
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.InteractionDiagram
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassDiagram
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleVisibilityRelationship
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.LinkView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.SimpleObject
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCase
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.SubSysView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.SubSystem
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Object
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.AssocAttachView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.InheritTreeView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Association
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
accept(Visitor) - Method in interface cb.petal.PetalNode
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.FloatLiteral
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ConnectionRelationship
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseDiagram
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.CategoryView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ModVisView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.DataFlowView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.AttachView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.SynchronizationView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.LinkSelfView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.InheritanceRelationship
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Tuple
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Mechanism
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.DependencyRelationship
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassInstanceView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.SendEvent
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Partition
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Font
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Properties
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.List
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Attribute
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.IntegerLiteral
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Label
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.VisibilityRelationship
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessorView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiateView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ActivityStateView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Device
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.NoteView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Swimlane
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.RealizeView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Parameter
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Value
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.DependencyView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Petal
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.LogicalCategory
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ExternalDoc
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ImportView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.InterfaceView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.DecisionView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Action
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Message
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Tag
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.DeviceView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Event
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Processes
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ConnectionView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Location
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.SimpleViewObject
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiationRelationship
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.StateView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ActivityDiagram
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.UsesView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseCategory
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.Process
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.RealizeRelationship
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.InheritView
accept(Visitor) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
access - Variable in class cb.generator.NodeImpl
AccessObject - class cb.petal.AccessObject.
Super class for all petal objects that have access qualifiers, i.e., "Public", "Protected", "Private", or "Implementation" (whatever that means, probably it reads "language dependent")
AccessObject(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.AccessObject
AccessObject(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.AccessObject
AccessQualified - interface cb.petal.AccessQualified.
Denote that a petal object may have an attribute "exportControl", e.g.
Action - class cb.petal.Action.
Represents action object
Action() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Action
Action(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Action
ActionTime - class cb.petal.ActionTime.
Represents ActionTime object
ActionTime() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ActionTime
ActionTime(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ActionTime
ActivityDiagram - class cb.petal.ActivityDiagram.
Represents ActivityDiagram object
ActivityDiagram() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ActivityDiagram
ActivityDiagram(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ActivityDiagram
ActivityStateView - class cb.petal.ActivityStateView.
Represents ActivityStateView object
ActivityStateView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ActivityStateView
ActivityStateView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ActivityStateView
add(PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.List
add(PetalObject) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
addAssociation(Class, Role, Class, Role, Class) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
Simply maps association to a newly generated class that maintains the connections.
addAttachView(NoteView, View) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassDiagram
Attach note to some already added view object.
addClassAttribute(ClassAttribute) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
Add a class attribute aka field to this class.
addClassAttribute(String, String) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
Add a class attribute aka field to this class.
addClassAttribute(String, String, String) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
Add a class attribute aka field to this class.
addField(Class, Field) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
addField(Field) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
addField(Field) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
addImplementedInterface(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
Add implemented interface to this class, i.e.
addImplementedInterface(Class, Class) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
addImplementedInterface(String) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
addImplementedInterface(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
addLine(String) - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
addMethod(Class, Method) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
addMethod(Method) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
addMethod(Method) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
addObject(String, Node) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
addOperation(Operation) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
Add an operation to this class.
addOperation(String, String, String, String[], String[]) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
Add an operation to this class.
addPrefixCode(String) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
addPrefixCode(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
addProperty(String, PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Add a property (which may already exist, Petal files allow to define properties multiply).
addRealizedClass(Class, Class) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
Alias for addImplementedInterface()
addRelationship(RelationshipView, Relationship) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
addSuperClass(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
Add super class of this class, i.e.
addSuperClass(Class, Class) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
addSuperClass(String) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
addSuperClass(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
addSuperClassifier(Inheritable) - Method in class cb.petal.Inheritable
Add super classifier of this use case/class, i.e.
addSuperUseCase(UseCase) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCase
Add super use case of this use case, i.e.
addToList(String, String, PetalObject) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Add object to some given list and create the list if necessary.
addToModel(Association) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
addToModel(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
Add a class to the model.
addToModel(LogicalCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.LogicalCategory
addToModel(UseCase) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseCategory
Add a use case to the model.
addToModel(UseCaseCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseCategory
addToView(AssociationViewNew) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
Add a association view to the presentation view, set location and tags and call init().
addToView(ClassView) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
Adds a class view to the presentation view, sets location and tags and calls init().
addToView(InheritView) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassDiagram
Class and super class and the according views must have been added to the model already.
addToView(InheritView) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseDiagram
Class and super class and the according views must have been added to the model already.
addToView(NoteView) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassDiagram
Adds a note view to the presentation view, sets location and tags and calls init().
addToView(RealizeView) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassDiagram
Class and interface and the according views must have been added to the model already.
addToView(UseCaseView) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseDiagram
Adds a use case view to the presentation view, sets location and tags and calls init().
addToView(UsesView) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassDiagram
Classes and the according views must have been added to the model already.
addToViewsList(View) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
addTreeModelListener(TreeModelListener) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Adds a listener for the TreeModelEvent posted after the tree changes.
addUsedClass(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
Add used to this class, i.e.
addUsedClass(Class, Class, UsesRelationship) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
AssocAttachView - class cb.petal.AssocAttachView.
Represents AssocAttachView object which is means it is just the line drawn between an association and an association class.
AssocAttachView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.AssocAttachView
AssocAttachView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.AssocAttachView
Association - class cb.petal.Association.
Represents Association object
Association() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Association
Association(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Association
AssociationViewNew - class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew.
Represents AssociationViewNew object, i.e.
AssociationViewNew() - Constructor for class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew
AssociationViewNew(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew
AttachView - class cb.petal.AttachView.
Represents AttachView object which means the line drawn between a note (view) and some entity.
AttachView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.AttachView
AttachView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.AttachView
attribute - Variable in class cb.generator.FieldImpl
Attribute - class cb.petal.Attribute.
Represents Attribute object
Attribute() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Attribute
Attribute(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Attribute


BOOLEAN - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer
BooleanLiteral - class cb.petal.BooleanLiteral.
Boolean literal which may obviously either be true or false.
BooleanLiteral(boolean) - Constructor for class cb.petal.BooleanLiteral


CategoryView - class cb.petal.CategoryView.
This view corresponds to a ClassCategory object.
CategoryView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.CategoryView
CategoryView(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.CategoryView
cb.generator - package cb.generator
cb.parser - package cb.parser
cb.petal - package cb.petal
cb.util - package cb.util
Class - class cb.petal.Class.
Represents Class object, there are a lot of convenience methods here for adding super class(es), operations, attributes, etc.
Class - interface cb.generator.Class.
Represents a class consisting of fields and methods, should be useful for Java and C++.
Class() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Class
Class(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Class
Class(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Class
ClassAttribute - class cb.petal.ClassAttribute.
Represents class attribute (aka field) of class object.
ClassAttribute() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
ClassAttribute(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
ClassCategory - class cb.petal.ClassCategory.
Class category is used for structuring into submodels and -views, it may contain further class categories.
ClassCategory(PetalNode, String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassCategory
ClassDiagram - class cb.petal.ClassDiagram.
Represents ClassDiagram object contained within a LogicalCategory object.
ClassDiagram() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassDiagram
ClassDiagram(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassDiagram
ClassImpl - class cb.generator.ClassImpl.
Simple representation of a Java Class.
ClassImpl() - Constructor for class cb.generator.ClassImpl
ClassInstanceView - class cb.petal.ClassInstanceView.
Represents ClassInstanceView object
ClassInstanceView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassInstanceView
ClassInstanceView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassInstanceView
ClassUtility - class cb.petal.ClassUtility.
Represents Class Utility object, i.e., helper class
ClassUtility() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassUtility
ClassUtility(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassUtility
ClassView - class cb.petal.ClassView.
Represents ClassView object
ClassView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassView
ClassView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassView
ClassView(PetalNode, String, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassView
ClassView(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ClassView
clazz - Variable in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
clone() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
clone() - Method in class cb.petal.Literal
clone() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
clone() - Method in class cb.petal.List
CLOSED_ICON - Static variable in class cb.util.PetalTree
COMMA - Static variable in class cb.parser.Token
COMMA - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer
Compartment - class cb.petal.Compartment.
Represents Compartment object
Compartment() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Compartment
Compartment(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Compartment
ConnectionRelationship - class cb.petal.ConnectionRelationship.
Represents Connection_Relationship object
ConnectionRelationship() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ConnectionRelationship
ConnectionRelationship(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ConnectionRelationship
ConnectionView - class cb.petal.ConnectionView.
Represents ConnectionView object
ConnectionView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ConnectionView
ConnectionView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ConnectionView
Constants - class cb.util.Constants.
Global constants and utility methods.
Constants() - Constructor for class cb.util.Constants
counter - Variable in class cb.generator.Factory
createAssocAttachView() - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createAssociation(Class, Class) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Create association without explicit name, it will have an invisible anonymous name.
createAssociation(Class, UseCase) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createAssociation(String, Class, Class) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Create Association between two classes.
createAssociation(String, Class, UseCase) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createAssociation(String, UseCase, UseCase) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Create Association between two use cases.
createAssociation(UseCase, UseCase) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Create association without explicit name, it will have an invisible anonymous name.
createAssociationView(Association) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createAssociationView(Association, boolean) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates view for given association.
createAttachView() - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createBoolean(String) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
createClass(Class) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
createClass(Class, String, String, String, boolean) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
createClass(String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates empty class object with just the name and the quid set.
createClassAttribute(String, String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates new class attribute (aka field)
createClassUtility(String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates empty utility class object with just the name and the quid set.
createClassView(Class) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates class view for given class and sets the qualified name and quidu for the referenced class accordingly.
createField(ClassAttribute) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
createField(ClassAttribute, String, String, String, String) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
createFloat(String) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
createInheritanceRelationship(Inheritable, Inheritable) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Create InheritanceRelationship between two classes, this method is called by Class.addSuperClass().
createInheritViews(Inheritable) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createInteger(String) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
createInterface(String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Just like createClass() except that it sets the stereotype to "Interface".
createItemLabel(String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createList(String) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
createLocation(String, String) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
createLogicalCategory(String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates empty class category (logical view).
createMethod(Operation) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
createMethod(Operation, String, String, String, List) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
createModel() - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates empty model.
createNoteView(String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createObject(PetalNode, String, ArrayList, String) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
Create PetalObject like (object Class "Professor" ...).
createOperation(String, String, List) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates new operation (aka method)
createParameter(Parameter) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
createParameter(String, String) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
createParser(File) - Static method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
createParser(InputStream) - Static method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
createParser(Reader) - Static method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
createParser(String) - Static method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
createParser(URL) - Static method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
createRealizeRelationship(Class, Class) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Create RealizeRelationship between class and an interface, called by Class.addImplementedInterface().
createRealizeViews(Class) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createSegLabel(String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createSetGetMethods(String, String) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
createString(String, boolean) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
There are two kinds of string encodings in Rose: Either the usual "foo bar", or a multi line string where each line starts with a |.
createTag(String) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
createToken(int, String, int) - Static method in class cb.parser.Token
createTuple(String, String) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
createUseCase(String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates use case object with just the name and the quid set.
createUseCaseCategory(String) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates empty class category (use case view).
createUseCaseView(UseCase) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Creates use case view for given class and sets the qualified name and quidu for the referenced class accordingly.
createUsesRelationship(Class, Class) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Create UsesRelationship between class and an interface, called by Class.addUsedClass().
createUsesViews(Class) - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
createValue(String, StringLiteral) - Method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory


DataFlowView - class cb.petal.DataFlowView.
Represents DataFlowView object
DataFlowView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.DataFlowView
DataFlowView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.DataFlowView
DecisionView - class cb.petal.DecisionView.
Represents DecisionView object
DecisionView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.DecisionView
DecisionView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.DecisionView
Defaults - class cb.petal.Defaults.
Represents defaults for top level design object.
Defaults() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Defaults
Defaults(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Defaults
defineProperty(String, boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Override property if exists already or add it if not.
defineProperty(String, double) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Override property if exists already or add it if not.
defineProperty(String, int) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Override property if exists already or add it if not.
defineProperty(String, PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Override property if exists already or add it if not.
defineProperty(String, String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Override property if exists already or add it if not.
DependencyRelationship - class cb.petal.DependencyRelationship.
Represents Dependency_Relationship object
DependencyRelationship() - Constructor for class cb.petal.DependencyRelationship
DependencyRelationship(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.DependencyRelationship
DependencyView - class cb.petal.DependencyView.
Represents DependencyView object
DependencyView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.DependencyView
DependencyView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.DependencyView
DerivedClass - class cb.petal.DerivedClass.
Super class for instantiated and paramerized class objects.
DerivedClass(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.DerivedClass
DerivedClass(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.DerivedClass
DescendingVisitor - class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor.
By default visits petal tree with DFS.
DescendingVisitor() - Constructor for class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
Design - class cb.petal.Design.
Represents top level design object.
Design() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Design
Design(Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Design
Device - class cb.petal.Device.
Represents Device object
Device() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Device
Device(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Device
DeviceView - class cb.petal.DeviceView.
Represents DeviceView object
DeviceView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.DeviceView
DeviceView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.DeviceView
Diagram - class cb.petal.Diagram.
Super class for diagrams
Diagram(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Diagram
Diagram(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Diagram
dispose(Token) - Static method in class cb.parser.Token
Documented - interface cb.petal.Documented.
Denote that a petal object may have documentation associated with it.
DOS - Static variable in class cb.util.Constants
Dump - class cb.util.Dump.
Create serialized templates.
dump() - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
Dump() - Constructor for class cb.util.Dump
dump(PrintWriter) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
Default implementation prints Java code
dump(PrintWriter) - Method in class cb.generator.FieldImpl
Default implementation prints Java code
dump(PrintWriter) - Method in class cb.generator.ParameterImpl
Default implementation prints Java code
dump(PrintWriter) - Method in interface cb.generator.Node
dump(PrintWriter) - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
Default implementation prints Java code


EMPTY - Static variable in class cb.petal.PetalObject
EmptyVisitor - class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor.
Visitor containing just empty methods.
EmptyVisitor() - Constructor for class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
EOF - Static variable in class cb.parser.Token
EOF - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.BooleanLiteral
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.FloatLiteral
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.Tuple
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.List
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.IntegerLiteral
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.Value
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.Tag
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.Location
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.generator.FieldImpl
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.generator.ParameterImpl
equals(Object) - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
Event - class cb.petal.Event.
Represents Event object
Event() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Event
Event(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Event
ExternalDoc - class cb.petal.ExternalDoc.
Refer to external documentation, i.e.
ExternalDoc() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ExternalDoc
ExternalDoc(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ExternalDoc


factory - Variable in class cb.generator.Generator
Factory - class cb.generator.Factory.
Factory for classes, methods, etc., it also contains methods to add relationships, like uses/realize relationships.
Factory() - Constructor for class cb.generator.Factory
FALSE - Static variable in class cb.parser.Token
Field - interface cb.generator.Field.
Represents a field of a class.
FieldImpl - class cb.generator.FieldImpl.
Simple representation of a Java field.
FieldImpl() - Constructor for class cb.generator.FieldImpl
FLOAT - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer
FloatLiteral - class cb.petal.FloatLiteral.
Floating point literal (in fact a double).
FloatLiteral(double) - Constructor for class cb.petal.FloatLiteral
FocusOfControl - class cb.petal.FocusOfControl.
Represents Focus_Of_Control object
FocusOfControl() - Constructor for class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
FocusOfControl(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
Font - class cb.petal.Font.
Represents font object.
Font() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Font
Font(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Font


Generator - class cb.generator.Generator.
Convert a petal file into a set of (Java) classes.
Generator(PetalFile, File, String) - Constructor for class cb.generator.Generator
Generator(PetalFile, String, String) - Constructor for class cb.generator.Generator
get(int) - Method in class cb.petal.List
getAbstract() - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
getAccess() - Method in class cb.generator.NodeImpl
getAccess() - Method in interface cb.generator.Node
getAction() - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
getActions() - Method in class cb.petal.State
getActionTime() - Method in class cb.petal.SendEvent
getActionTime() - Method in class cb.petal.Action
getActualParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
getAnchor() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getAnchor() - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
getAnchor() - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
getAnchorLoc() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getAnchorLoc() - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
getAnnotation() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
getAnnotation() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessorView
getAnnotation() - Method in class cb.petal.DeviceView
getAnnotation() - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
getAnnotation() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
getAnonymousName() - Method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
getAssociationClass() - Method in class cb.petal.Association
getAssociations() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getAssociations(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
If the association has registered itself properly (done in Association.init() by default) one can look up what associations a class has.
getAttribute() - Method in class cb.generator.FieldImpl
getAttributeName() - Method in class cb.petal.Attribute
getAttributes() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getAttributes() - Method in class cb.petal.Module
getAttributes() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getAttributes() - Method in class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
getAttributes() - Method in class cb.petal.InheritanceRelationship
getAttributes() - Method in class cb.petal.Properties
getAutoResize() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getAutoResize() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
getBold() - Method in class cb.petal.Font
getBottomMargin() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getCardinality() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getCardinality(Role) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
getCharacteristics() - Method in class cb.petal.Device
getCharacteristics() - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
getCharSet() - Method in class cb.petal.Petal
getChild(Object, int) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Returns the child of parent at index index in the parent's child array.
getChildCount() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getChildCount() - Method in class cb.petal.Literal
getChildCount() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getChildCount() - Method in interface cb.petal.PetalNode
getChildCount() - Method in class cb.petal.List
getChildCount(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Returns the number of children of parent.
getClass(HasQuidu) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
getClass(String) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
getClassAttributeList() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getClassAttributes() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getClassByQualifiedName(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getClassByQuid(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getClassByQuidu(HasQuidu) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getClassName() - Method in class cb.petal.Object
getClassName(Class) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
getClassType() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getClassViewSize(ClassView) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
Calculate size for classview by applying some heuristics
getClazz() - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
getClient() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getClientCardinality() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getClientCardinality() - Method in class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
getClientContainment() - Method in class cb.petal.Link
getClipIconLabels() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getCode() - Method in interface cb.generator.Method
getCode() - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
getCollaborators() - Method in class cb.petal.Object
getColor() - Method in class cb.petal.Font
getCompartment() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
getCompartment() - Method in class cb.petal.StateView
getConcurrency() - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
getCondition() - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
getConnections() - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
getConstraints() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getContainment() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getContainment() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
getDataFlowView() - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
getDefaultColor() - Method in class cb.petal.Font
getDefaultFont() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getDefaults() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getDerived() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
getDesign() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getDir() - Method in class cb.petal.DataFlowView
getDir() - Method in class cb.petal.Message
getDir() - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
getDocumentation() - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
getDocumentation() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getDocumentation() - Method in class cb.petal.Relationship
getDocumentation() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
getDocumentation() - Method in interface cb.petal.Documented
getDocumentation() - Method in class cb.petal.Device
getDocumentation() - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
getDocumentation() - Method in class cb.petal.Process
getElements() - Method in class cb.petal.List
getEvent() - Method in class cb.petal.SendEvent
getEvent() - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
getExportControl() - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
getExportControl() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getExportControl() - Method in class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
getExportControl() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
getExportControl() - Method in interface cb.petal.AccessQualified
getExportControl() - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
getExternalDocPath() - Method in class cb.petal.ExternalDoc
getExternalDocUrl() - Method in class cb.petal.ExternalDoc
getFace() - Method in class cb.petal.Font
getFields() - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
getFields() - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
getFillColor() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getFillColor() - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
getFillColor() - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
getFirstClassDiagram() - Method in class cb.petal.LogicalCategory
Typically every Logical view has just one "Main" class diagram
getFirstClient() - Method in class cb.petal.Association
getFirstRole() - Method in class cb.petal.Association
An association contains exactly two roles.
getFirstRoleView() - Method in class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew
getFirstUseCaseDiagram() - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseCategory
Typically every Use Case view has just one "Main" use case diagram
getFirstValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Location
getFocusEntry() - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
getFocusOfControl() - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
getFocusSrc() - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
getFocusSrc() - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
getFont() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getFont() - Method in class cb.petal.Label
getFormalParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
getFrequency() - Method in class cb.petal.Message
getGlobal() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
getGridX() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getGridY() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getHeight() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getHeight() - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
getHeight() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getHidden() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getIcon() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getIconHeight() - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
getIconStyle() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getIconStyle() - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
getIconStyle() - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
getIconWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
getIDParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.StateView
getIgnoredNodes() - Method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
getIgnoredNodes() - Method in class cb.parser.Parser
getImplementedInterfaces() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getImplementedInterfaces() - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
getIncludeAttribute() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
getIncludeOperation() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
getIndexOfChild(Object, Object) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getInitialValue() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
getInitialValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Parameter
getInitialValue() - Method in class cb.generator.FieldImpl
getInitialValue() - Method in interface cb.generator.Field
getInstance() - Static method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
getInstance() - Static method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
getInstance() - Static method in class cb.generator.Factory
getInstantiatedClass() - Method in class cb.petal.Object
getInstantiationRelationship() - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
getInterObjView() - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
getIsAggregate() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getIsLoaded() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getIsUnit() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getItalics() - Method in class cb.petal.Font
getItems() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getItems() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
getItems() - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
getItems() - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
getItems() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
getJustify() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getJustify() - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
getKind() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getKind() - Method in class cb.petal.Literal
getKind() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getKind() - Method in interface cb.petal.PetalNode
getKind() - Method in class cb.petal.List
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.ModView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.RoleView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.Relationship
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.SubSysView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.CategoryView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.DataFlowView
getLabel() - Method in interface cb.petal.SegLabeled
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.RelationshipView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.Label
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessorView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.NoteView
getLabel() - Method in interface cb.petal.Labeled
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.DeviceView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.StateView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseView
getLabel() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
getLanguage() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getLanguage() - Method in class cb.petal.Module
getLeftMargin() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getLineColor() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getLines() - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
getLineStyle() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getLiteralValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Literal
getLiteralValue() - Method in class cb.petal.BooleanLiteral
getLiteralValue() - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
getLiteralValue() - Method in class cb.petal.FloatLiteral
getLiteralValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Tuple
getLiteralValue() - Method in class cb.petal.IntegerLiteral
getLiteralValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Value
getLiteralValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Tag
getLiteralValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Location
getLocation() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getLocation() - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
getLocation() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getLocation() - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
getLocation() - Method in class cb.petal.Label
getLocation() - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
getLogicalCategory() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getLogicalModels() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
The returned values depend on what kind of class category this is.
getLogicalModels() - Method in class cb.petal.Mechanism
getLogicalPresentations() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
This returns a list of diagrams, ClassDiagram objects, e.g.
getLogicalView() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getLongestName() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getMaxHeight() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getMaxHeight() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
getMaxHeight() - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
getMaxHeight() - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
getMaxHeight() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
getMaxWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getMaxWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getMaxWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
getMaxWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
getMaxWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
getMaxWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
getMaxWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
getMaxWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.Label
getMaxWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
getMechanismRef() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
getMessages() - Method in class cb.petal.Link
getMessView() - Method in class cb.petal.DataFlowView
getMethods() - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
getMethods() - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
getModelName() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getModule() - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
getModule() - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
getMulti() - Method in class cb.petal.Object
getMulti() - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
getName() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getName() - Method in class cb.petal.Tuple
getName() - Method in class cb.petal.List
getName() - Method in class cb.generator.NodeImpl
getName() - Method in interface cb.generator.Node
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.State
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Module
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.SubSystem
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Object
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Partition
getNameParameter() - Method in interface cb.petal.Named
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Device
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Parameter
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Action
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Message
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Event
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Process
getNames() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getNested() - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
getNestedClasses() - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
getNewLine() - Static method in class cb.util.Constants
getNewTag() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Tags are numbered consecutively within a model file.
getNlines() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getNlines() - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
getNlines() - Method in class cb.petal.Label
getNlines() - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
getNonclassname() - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
getNonclassname() - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
getNoProperties() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getNotation() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getObject(String) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
getObjectArc() - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
getObjects() - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
getOperation() - Method in class cb.petal.Message
getOperation() - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
getOperationList() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getOperations() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getOrdinal() - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
getOrdinal() - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
getOrdinal() - Method in class cb.petal.Message
getOrientation() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getOrientation() - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
getOrigin() - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
getOrigin() - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
getOrigin() - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
getOriginAttachment() - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
getOriginX() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getOriginX() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
getOriginX() - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
getOriginX() - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
getOriginX() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
getOriginY() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getOriginY() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
getOriginY() - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
getOriginY() - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
getOriginY() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
getOtherRole() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getPackage() - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
getPackage() - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
getPageOverlap() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getParameter() - Method in class cb.generator.ParameterImpl
getParameterList() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getParameters() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getParameters() - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
getParameters() - Method in interface cb.generator.Method
getParameters() - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
getParent() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getParentClass(PetalObject) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
getParentView() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getParentView() - Method in class cb.petal.RoleView
getParentView() - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
getParentView() - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
getParentView() - Method in class cb.petal.StateView
getPath() - Method in class cb.petal.Module
getPctDist() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getPctDist() - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
getPDL() - Method in class cb.petal.SemanticInfo
getPersistence() - Method in class cb.petal.Object
getPetal() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getPhysicalModels() - Method in class cb.petal.SubSystem
getPhysicalPresentations() - Method in class cb.petal.SubSystem
getPostCondition() - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
getPriority() - Method in class cb.petal.Process
getProcesses() - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
getProcessStructure() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getProcsNDevs() - Method in class cb.petal.Processes
getProperties() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getProperties(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getProperty(int) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getProperty(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getPropertyAsBoolean(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getPropertyAsFloat(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getPropertyAsInteger(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getPropertyAsString(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getPropertyList() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getPropertyName(PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
This method uses the strict indexOf method to find the value.
getPropertyTuples() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getQualifiedName() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Get fully qualified name for an object that must implement the Named interface and is contained by further Named objects.
getQualifiedName() - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
getQualifiedName() - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
getQualifiedNameParameter() - Method in interface cb.petal.Qualified
getQualifiedNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
getQualifiedNameParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseView
getQuid() - Method in class cb.petal.QuidObject
getQuid() - Static method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getQuidAsLong() - Method in class cb.petal.QuidObject
getQuidObject(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getQuidu() - Method in class cb.petal.DerivedClass
getQuidu() - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduView
getQuidu() - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduObject
getQuidu() - Method in interface cb.petal.HasQuidu
getQuiduAsLong() - Method in class cb.petal.DerivedClass
getQuiduAsLong() - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduView
getQuiduAsLong() - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduObject
getQuiduAsLong() - Method in interface cb.petal.HasQuidu
getRealizedInterfacesList() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getReferencedObject() - Method in class cb.petal.DerivedClass
getReferencedObject() - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduView
getReferencedObject() - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduObject
getReferencedObject() - Method in interface cb.petal.HasQuidu
getReferencedObject(HasQuidu) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getResult() - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
getReturnType() - Method in interface cb.generator.Method
getReturnType() - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
getRightMargin() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getRoleName() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getRoles() - Method in class cb.petal.Association
getRoleviewList() - Method in class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew
getRoot() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
getRoot() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getRootCategory() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getRootSubsystem() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getRootUsecasePackage() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getScheduling() - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
getSecondClient() - Method in class cb.petal.Association
getSecondRole() - Method in class cb.petal.Association
An association contains exactly two roles.
getSecondRoleView() - Method in class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew
getSecondValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Location
getSemantics() - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
getSendEvent() - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
getSequence() - Method in class cb.petal.Message
getShowClassOfObject() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getShowCompartmentStereotypes() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
getShowMessageNum() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getSize() - Method in class cb.petal.Font
getSnapToGrid() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getSpecificationParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Module
getSpecificationParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.ModView
getStateMachine() - Method in class cb.petal.State
getStates() - Method in class cb.petal.StateMachine
getStatic() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getStatic() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
getStereotype() - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
getStereotype() - Method in class cb.petal.Module
getStereotype() - Method in class cb.petal.Relationship
getStereotype() - Method in class cb.petal.SubSystem
getStereotype() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
getStereotype() - Method in interface cb.petal.StereoTyped
getStereotype() - Method in class cb.petal.RelationshipView
getStereotype() - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseView
getStereotype() - Method in class cb.petal.Process
getStrike() - Method in class cb.petal.Font
getStringValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Value
getSubobjects() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
getSubsystem() - Method in class cb.petal.LogicalCategory
getSuperclass() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getSuperclasses() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getSuperClasses() - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
getSuperclassList() - Method in class cb.petal.Inheritable
getSuperclassList() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getSupplier() - Method in interface cb.petal.HasSupplier
getSupplier() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getSupplier() - Method in class cb.petal.Link
getSupplier() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
getSupplier() - Method in class cb.petal.Relationship
getSupplier() - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
getSupplierCardinality() - Method in class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
getSupplierContainment() - Method in class cb.petal.Link
getSupplierIsDevice() - Method in class cb.petal.ConnectionRelationship
getSupplierIsSpec() - Method in class cb.petal.DependencyRelationship
getSupplierIsSubsystem() - Method in class cb.petal.DependencyRelationship
getSynchronization() - Method in class cb.petal.Message
getTag() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getTag() - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
getTag() - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
getTag() - Method in interface cb.petal.Tagged
getTag() - Method in class cb.petal.Mechanism
getTag() - Method in class cb.petal.Label
getTarget() - Method in class cb.petal.SendEvent
getTemplate(String) - Static method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
Read object from templates directory
getTerminalAttachment() - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
getTerminus() - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
getTerminus() - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
getTerminus() - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
getTitle() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getTitle() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
getTitle() - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
getTitle() - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
getTitle() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
getToken() - Method in class cb.parser.Lexer
getTool() - Method in class cb.petal.Attribute
getToolTipText(MouseEvent) - Method in class cb.util.PetalTree
getTopMargin() - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
getTransitions() - Method in class cb.petal.State
getType() - Method in class cb.petal.State
getType() - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
getType() - Method in class cb.petal.Parameter
getType() - Method in class cb.generator.FieldImpl
getType() - Method in interface cb.generator.Field
getType() - Method in class cb.generator.ParameterImpl
getType() - Method in interface cb.generator.Parameter
getTypeParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.Module
getTypeParameter() - Method in class cb.petal.ModView
getUid() - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
getUnderline() - Method in class cb.petal.Font
getUseCaseCategory() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
getUsecaseView() - Method in class cb.petal.Design
getUsedClasses() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getUsedClassesList() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
getUsedNodes() - Method in class cb.petal.DerivedClass
getValue() - Method in class cb.petal.BooleanLiteral
getValue() - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
getValue() - Method in class cb.petal.FloatLiteral
getValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Tuple
getValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Attribute
getValue() - Method in class cb.petal.IntegerLiteral
getValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Value
getValue() - Method in class cb.petal.Tag
getValueForType(String) - Static method in class cb.util.Constants
getValueName() - Method in class cb.petal.Value
getVersion() - Method in class cb.petal.Petal
getVertices() - Method in class cb.petal.RoleView
getVertices() - Method in class cb.petal.InheritTreeView
getVertices() - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
getVisibleModules() - Method in class cb.petal.Module
getWhen() - Method in class cb.petal.ActionTime
getWidth() - Method in class cb.petal.View
getWritten() - Method in class cb.petal.Petal
getX() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getXOffset() - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
getXOffset() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
getY() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getYCoord() - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
getYOffset() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
getZoom() - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
getZoom() - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
getZoom() - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
getZoom() - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
getZoom() - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram


HasQuidu - interface cb.petal.HasQuidu.
Denote that a petal object contains a reference to another object via the property "quidu".
HasSupplier - interface cb.petal.HasSupplier.
Denote that a petal object contains a reference to another object via the property "supplier", i.e., a fully qualified name like "Logical View::University::Professor".


IDENT - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer
image - Variable in class cb.parser.Token
ImportView - class cb.petal.ImportView.
Represents ImportView object
ImportView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ImportView
ImportView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ImportView
INDENT - Static variable in class cb.util.Constants
indexOf(PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
This method is strict in that it does not use equals() to search the list of properties but ==, since values, in particular literals may occur more than once.
Inheritable - class cb.petal.Inheritable.
Denote that a petal object may be extended, i.e.
Inheritable(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Inheritable
Inheritable(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Inheritable
InheritanceRelationship - class cb.petal.InheritanceRelationship.
Represents inheritance relationship between classes.
InheritanceRelationship() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InheritanceRelationship
InheritanceRelationship(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InheritanceRelationship
InheritTreeView - class cb.petal.InheritTreeView.
Represents InheritTreeView object
InheritTreeView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InheritTreeView
InheritTreeView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InheritTreeView
InheritView - class cb.petal.InheritView.
Represents InheritView object, i.e.
InheritView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InheritView
InheritView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InheritView
init() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Perform any initial actions after all properties have been set up.
init() - Method in class cb.petal.QuidObject
Registers this object.
init() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
Intialize this class by registering it by its quid and by its qualified name.
init() - Method in class cb.petal.Association
Register this association internally, i.e.
InstantiatedClass - class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass.
Represents Instantiated_Class object
InstantiatedClass() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
InstantiatedClass(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
InstantiatedClassUtility - class cb.petal.InstantiatedClassUtility.
Represents Instantiated_Class object
InstantiatedClassUtility() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InstantiatedClassUtility
InstantiatedClassUtility(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InstantiatedClassUtility
InstantiateView - class cb.petal.InstantiateView.
Represents InstantiateView object
InstantiateView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InstantiateView
InstantiateView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InstantiateView
InstantiationRelationship - class cb.petal.InstantiationRelationship.
Represents Instantiation_Relationship object
InstantiationRelationship() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InstantiationRelationship
InstantiationRelationship(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InstantiationRelationship
INTEGER - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer
IntegerLiteral - class cb.petal.IntegerLiteral.
Integer literal.
IntegerLiteral(int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.IntegerLiteral
InteractionDiagram - class cb.petal.InteractionDiagram.
Represents InteractionDiagram object
InteractionDiagram() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InteractionDiagram
InteractionDiagram(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InteractionDiagram
InterfaceView - class cb.petal.InterfaceView.
Represents InterfaceView object
InterfaceView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InterfaceView
InterfaceView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InterfaceView
InterMessView - class cb.petal.InterMessView.
Represents InterMessView object
InterMessView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InterMessView
InterMessView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InterMessView
InterObjView - class cb.petal.InterObjView.
Represents InterObjView object
InterObjView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.InterObjView
InterObjView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.InterObjView
is(String) - Method in class cb.generator.NodeImpl
is(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Node
E.g., if(is("public")) ...
isActor() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
isAggregate() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
isAggregate(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
isAggregation() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
isAssociationClass() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
isAssociationClass(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
isComposition() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
isDOS() - Static method in class cb.util.Constants
isInterface() - Method in class cb.petal.Class
isInterface() - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
isInterface() - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
isInterface(boolean) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
isLeaf(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
isMultiLine() - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
isNavigable() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
isNavigable(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
isPrincipal() - Method in class cb.petal.Role
isPrincipal(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
isPrivate() - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
isProtected() - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
isPublic() - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
ItemLabel - class cb.petal.ItemLabel.
Represents ItemLabel object attached to View objects, ClassView in particular
ItemLabel() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ItemLabel
ItemLabel(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ItemLabel


kind - Variable in class cb.parser.Token


Label - class cb.petal.Label.
Represents Label object
Label() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Label
Label(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Label
Labeled - interface cb.petal.Labeled.
Denote that a petal object may have a label.
LEAF_ICON - Static variable in class cb.util.PetalTree
Lexer - class cb.parser.Lexer.
Lexer(Reader) - Constructor for class cb.parser.Lexer
line - Variable in class cb.parser.Token
Link - class cb.petal.Link.
Represents Link object
Link() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Link
Link(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Link
LinkSelfView - class cb.petal.LinkSelfView.
Represents LinkSelfView object
LinkSelfView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.LinkSelfView
LinkSelfView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.LinkSelfView
LinkView - class cb.petal.LinkView.
Represents LinkView object
LinkView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.LinkView
LinkView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.LinkView
List - class cb.petal.List.
Lists (list foo ...) containing other petal nodes.
List(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.List
Literal - class cb.petal.Literal.
Super class for literals like int, String, value, etc.
Literal(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Literal
Location - class cb.petal.Location.
Tuple of integer values like (1520, 96).
Location(int, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Location
LogicalCategory - class cb.petal.LogicalCategory.
The Logical category contains class diagrams.
LogicalCategory() - Constructor for class cb.petal.LogicalCategory
LogicalCategory(PetalObject) - Constructor for class cb.petal.LogicalCategory
lookupDiagram(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
Find diagram by given class
LPAREN - Static variable in class cb.parser.Token
LPAREN - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer


main(String[]) - Static method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
main(String[]) - Static method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
main(String[]) - Static method in class cb.parser.Parser
main(String[]) - Static method in class cb.parser.MyPrintVisitor
main(String[]) - Static method in class cb.util.Dump
main(String[]) - Static method in class cb.util.ObjectGenerator
main(String[]) - Static method in class cb.generator.Generator
main(String[]) - Static method in class test.Test4
main(String[]) - Static method in class test.Test3
main(String[]) - Static method in class test.Test2
main(String[]) - Static method in class test.Test1
makeName(String) - Static method in class cb.util.Constants
makeName(String) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
Convert Rose identifier to normal one.
makeName(String, List, PetalNode) - Static method in class cb.util.Constants
Convert a Rose name (which may contains white space, e.g.) to a Java name.
makeNames(String) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
Convert fully qualified rose name (with "foo::bar")
Mechanism - class cb.petal.Mechanism.
Represents Mechanism object
Mechanism() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Mechanism
Mechanism(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Mechanism
Message - class cb.petal.Message.
Represents Message object
Message() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Message
Message(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Message
MessView - class cb.petal.MessView.
Represents MessView object
MessView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.MessView
MessView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.MessView
MetaClass - class cb.petal.MetaClass.
Represents Meta class object
MetaClass() - Constructor for class cb.petal.MetaClass
MetaClass(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.MetaClass
Method - interface cb.generator.Method.
Represents a Method containing code.
MethodImpl - class cb.generator.MethodImpl.
Simple representation of a Java method.
MethodImpl() - Constructor for class cb.generator.MethodImpl
MINUS_ICON - Static variable in class cb.util.PetalTree
Module - class cb.petal.Module.
Represents module object
Module() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Module
Module(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Module
ModuleDiagram - class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram.
Represents Module_Diagram object
ModuleDiagram() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
ModuleDiagram(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
ModuleVisibilityRelationship - class cb.petal.ModuleVisibilityRelationship.
Represents Module_Visibility_Relationship object
ModuleVisibilityRelationship() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ModuleVisibilityRelationship
ModuleVisibilityRelationship(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ModuleVisibilityRelationship
ModView - class cb.petal.ModView.
Represents ModView object
ModView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ModView
ModView(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ModView
ModVisView - class cb.petal.ModVisView.
Represents ModVisView object
ModVisView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ModVisView
ModVisView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ModVisView
moveProperty(int, int) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Move property within list of properties, i.e.
MULTI_STRING - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer
MyPrintVisitor - class cb.parser.MyPrintVisitor.
(Experimental) Just prints some information about the traversed class.
MyPrintVisitor(PrintStream) - Constructor for class cb.parser.MyPrintVisitor


name - Variable in class cb.generator.NodeImpl
Named - interface cb.petal.Named.
Denote that a petal object has a name parameter, e.g.
Node - interface cb.generator.Node.
Node that can be dumped to a file.
NodeImpl - class cb.generator.NodeImpl.
Simple representation of a node.
NodeImpl() - Constructor for class cb.generator.NodeImpl
NoteView - class cb.petal.NoteView.
Represents NoteView object, i.e.
NoteView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.NoteView
NoteView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.NoteView


Object - class cb.petal.Object.
Represents Object object
Object() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Object
Object(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Object
ObjectDiagram - class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram.
Represents ObjectDiagram object
ObjectDiagram() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
ObjectDiagram(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
ObjectFactory - class cb.parser.ObjectFactory.
This factory is used by the parser to create PetalNode objects .
ObjectFactory() - Constructor for class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
ObjectGenerator - class cb.util.ObjectGenerator.
Generate class derived from petal object for given type.
ObjectView - class cb.petal.ObjectView.
Represents ObjectView object
ObjectView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ObjectView
ObjectView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ObjectView
OPENED_ICON - Static variable in class cb.util.PetalTree
operation - Variable in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
Operation - class cb.petal.Operation.
Represents operation object, i.e.
Operation() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Operation
Operation(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Operation


parameter - Variable in class cb.generator.ParameterImpl
Parameter - class cb.petal.Parameter.
Represents Parameter object for operations (methods).
Parameter - interface cb.generator.Parameter.
Represents a formal parameter of a method,
Parameter() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Parameter
Parameter(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Parameter
ParameterImpl - class cb.generator.ParameterImpl.
Simple representation of a method parameter.
ParameterImpl() - Constructor for class cb.generator.ParameterImpl
ParameterizedClass - class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass.
Represents Parameterized_Class object
ParameterizedClass() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
ParameterizedClass(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
ParameterizedClassUtility - class cb.petal.ParameterizedClassUtility.
Represents Parameterized_Class_Utility object
ParameterizedClassUtility() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ParameterizedClassUtility
ParameterizedClassUtility(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ParameterizedClassUtility
params - Variable in class cb.petal.PetalObject
parse() - Method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
Top level construct are always petal and design objects
parse() - Method in class cb.parser.Parser
Top level construct are always petal and design objects
parse(File) - Static method in class cb.parser.Parser
parse(InputStream) - Static method in class cb.parser.Parser
parse(Reader) - Static method in class cb.parser.Parser
parse(String) - Static method in class cb.parser.Parser
parse(String[]) - Static method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
Utility method for main
parse(URL) - Static method in class cb.parser.Parser
parseIdent() - Method in class cb.parser.Lexer
parseList() - Method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
parseList() - Method in class cb.parser.Parser
parseMultiString() - Method in class cb.parser.Lexer
parseNumber() - Method in class cb.parser.Lexer
parseObject() - Method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
parseObject() - Method in class cb.parser.Parser
Parser - class cb.parser.Parser.
Parser(Reader) - Constructor for class cb.parser.Parser
parseString() - Method in class cb.parser.Lexer
parseValue(boolean) - Method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
parseValue(boolean) - Method in class cb.parser.Parser
parseValueObject() - Method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
parseValueObject() - Method in class cb.parser.Parser
Partition - class cb.petal.Partition.
Represents Partition object
Partition() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Partition
Partition(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Partition
Petal - class cb.petal.Petal.
Represents top level petal object.
Petal() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Petal
Petal(Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Petal
PetalFile - class cb.petal.PetalFile.
Top level node (aka.
PetalFile() - Constructor for class cb.petal.PetalFile
PetalFile(Petal, Design) - Constructor for class cb.petal.PetalFile
PetalNode - interface cb.petal.PetalNode.
Super class for all petal nodes, e.g., objects, lists, value, literals, etc..
PetalObject - class cb.petal.PetalObject.
Super class for all petal objects which have a list of properties.
PetalObject(PetalNode, String, ArrayList) - Constructor for class cb.petal.PetalObject
PetalObject(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.PetalObject
PetalObject(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.PetalObject
PetalObjectFactory - class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory.
Create empty Petal objects with just some initial properties (the quid in particular) set up.
PetalObjectFactory() - Constructor for class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
PetalParser - class cb.parser.PetalParser.
Optimized parser for Rational Rose Petal files.
PetalParser(Reader) - Constructor for class cb.parser.PetalParser
PetalTree - class cb.util.PetalTree.
Display petal file in JTree.
PetalTree(PetalFile) - Constructor for class cb.util.PetalTree
PiggybackVisitor - class cb.util.PiggybackVisitor.
Just take a visitor "piggy-backed" and apply it to all petal objects during traversal.
PiggybackVisitor(Visitor) - Constructor for class cb.util.PiggybackVisitor
PLUS_ICON - Static variable in class cb.util.PetalTree
print(PrintWriter, String, String, String) - Static method in class cb.generator.NodeImpl
print(PrintWriter, String, String, String) - Static method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
printDocumentation(PrintWriter, Documented) - Static method in class cb.generator.NodeImpl
PrintVisitor - class cb.parser.PrintVisitor.
Print petal file exactly like Rose would with some limitations concerning indendattion, i.e., if you don't mind white space, input and output files are identical.
PrintVisitor(PrintStream) - Constructor for class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
Process - class cb.petal.Process.
Represents Process object
Process() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Process
Process(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Process
ProcessDiagram - class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram.
Represents Process_Diagram object
ProcessDiagram() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
ProcessDiagram(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
Processes - class cb.petal.Processes.
Represents Processes object
Processes() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Processes
Processes(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Processes
Processor - class cb.petal.Processor.
Represents Processor object
Processor() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Processor
Processor(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Processor
ProcessorView - class cb.petal.ProcessorView.
Represents ProcessorView object
ProcessorView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.ProcessorView
ProcessorView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.ProcessorView
Properties - class cb.petal.Properties.
Represents Properties object
Properties() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Properties
Properties(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Properties


Qualified - interface cb.petal.Qualified.
Denote that a petal object has a qualified name parameter, e.g.
quid_map - Variable in class cb.generator.Factory
Register created objects by the quid of the petal object
QuidObject - class cb.petal.QuidObject.
Super class for all petal objects that have a "quid" property defined, i.e.
QuidObject(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.QuidObject
QuidObject(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.QuidObject
QuiduObject - class cb.petal.QuiduObject.
Super class for all quid objects that also have a quidu property defined.
QuiduObject(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.QuiduObject
QuiduObject(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.QuiduObject
QuiduView - class cb.petal.QuiduView.
Super class for all view objects with a "quidu" property defined.
QuiduView(PetalNode, String, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.QuiduView
QuiduView(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.QuiduView


RealizeRelationship - class cb.petal.RealizeRelationship.
Represents Realize relationship ("implements").
RealizeRelationship() - Constructor for class cb.petal.RealizeRelationship
RealizeRelationship(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.RealizeRelationship
RealizeView - class cb.petal.RealizeView.
Represents RealizeView object
RealizeView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.RealizeView
RealizeView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.RealizeView
registerAssociation(Association) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Register the association internally, i.e.
registerClass(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Register class by its fully qualified name
registerQuidObject(QuidObject) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Register class by its "quid" property.
registerQuidObject(String, QuidObject) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Register class by its quid property.
Relationship - class cb.petal.Relationship.
Super class for all relationships between classes.
Relationship(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Relationship
Relationship(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Relationship
RelationshipView - class cb.petal.RelationshipView.
Super class for all relationship view objects.
RelationshipView(PetalNode, String, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.RelationshipView
RelationshipView(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.RelationshipView
remove(PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.List
remove(PetalObject) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
removeClassAttribute(ClassAttribute) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
removeField(Field) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
removeField(Field) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
removeFromList(String, PetalObject) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Remove object from some given list.
removeFromModel(Association) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
removeFromModel(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
removeFromModel(LogicalCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.LogicalCategory
removeFromModel(UseCase) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseCategory
removeFromModel(UseCaseCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseCategory
removeImplementedInterface(String) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
removeImplementedInterface(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
removeLine(String) - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
removeMethod(Method) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
removeMethod(Method) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
removeObject(String) - Method in class cb.generator.Factory
removeOperation(Operation) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
removeProperty(int) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Remove property at given index
removeProperty(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Remove property with given name
removeSuperClass(String) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
removeSuperClass(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
removeTreeModelListener(TreeModelListener) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Removes a listener previously added with addTreeModelListener().
Role - class cb.petal.Role.
Represents Role object
Role() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Role
Role(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Role
RoleView - class cb.petal.RoleView.
Represents RoleView object
RoleView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.RoleView
RoleView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.RoleView
RPAREN - Static variable in class cb.parser.Token
RPAREN - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer


searchView(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
searchView(String) - Method in class cb.petal.InteractionDiagram
searchView(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassDiagram
searchView(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
searchView(String) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseDiagram
searchView(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ActivityDiagram
searchView(String, HashSet) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
SegLabel - class cb.petal.SegLabel.
Represents SegLabel object attached to associations
SegLabel() - Constructor for class cb.petal.SegLabel
SegLabel(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.SegLabel
SegLabeled - interface cb.petal.SegLabeled.
Denote that a petal object has a SegLabel label
SelfMessView - class cb.petal.SelfMessView.
Represents SelfMessView object = message to self in sequence diagram
SelfMessView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.SelfMessView
SelfMessView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.SelfMessView
SemanticInfo - class cb.petal.SemanticInfo.
Pre or postcondition of method
SemanticInfo() - Constructor for class cb.petal.SemanticInfo
SemanticInfo(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.SemanticInfo
SendEvent - class cb.petal.SendEvent.
Represents sendEvent object
SendEvent() - Constructor for class cb.petal.SendEvent
SendEvent(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.SendEvent
set(int, PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.List
setAbstract(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
setAccess(String) - Method in class cb.generator.NodeImpl
setAccess(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Node
setAction(Action) - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
setActions(List) - Method in class cb.petal.State
setActionTime(ActionTime) - Method in class cb.petal.SendEvent
setActionTime(ActionTime) - Method in class cb.petal.Action
setActualParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
setAnchor(int) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setAnchor(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
setAnchor(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
setAnchorLoc(int) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setAnchorLoc(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
setAnnotation(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
setAnnotation(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessorView
setAnnotation(int) - Method in class cb.petal.DeviceView
setAnnotation(int) - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
setAnnotation(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
setAssociationClass(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.Association
setAssociationClass(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Association
Set association class via its fully qualified name like "Logical View::University::Period".
setAttribute(ClassAttribute) - Method in class cb.generator.FieldImpl
setAttributeName(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Attribute
setAttributes(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
setAttributes(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Module
setAttributes(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setAttributes(List) - Method in class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
setAttributes(List) - Method in class cb.petal.InheritanceRelationship
setAttributes(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Properties
setAutoResize(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setAutoResize(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
setBold(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Font
setBottomMargin(double) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setCardinality(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setCharacteristics(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Device
setCharacteristics(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
setCharSet(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Petal
setClassAttributeList(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
setClassName(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Object
setClazz(Class) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
setClient(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setClientCardinality(Value) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setClientCardinality(Value) - Method in class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
setClientContainment(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Link
setClipIconLabels(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setCode(List) - Method in interface cb.generator.Method
setCode(List) - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
setCollaborators(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Object
setColor(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Font
setCompartment(Compartment) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
setCompartment(Compartment) - Method in class cb.petal.StateView
setConcurrency(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
setCondition(String) - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
setConnections(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
setConstraints(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setContainment(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
Possible values are: "By value" and "By reference"
setContainment(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
setDataFlowView(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
setDefaultColor(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Font
setDefaultFont(Font) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setDefaults(Defaults) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setDerived(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
setDesign(Design) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
setDir(int) - Method in class cb.petal.DataFlowView
setDir(int) - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
setDir(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Message
setDocumentation(String) - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
setDocumentation(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setDocumentation(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Relationship
setDocumentation(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
setDocumentation(String) - Method in interface cb.petal.Documented
setDocumentation(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Device
setDocumentation(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
setDocumentation(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Process
setEvent(Event) - Method in class cb.petal.SendEvent
setEvent(Event) - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
setExportControl(String) - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
setExportControl(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setExportControl(String) - Method in class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
setExportControl(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
setExportControl(String) - Method in interface cb.petal.AccessQualified
setExportControl(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
setExternalDocPath(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ExternalDoc
setExternalDocUrl(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ExternalDoc
setFace(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Font
setFillColor(int) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setFillColor(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
setFillColor(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
setFirstValue(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Location
setFocusEntry(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
setFocusOfControl(FocusOfControl) - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
setFocusSrc(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
setFocusSrc(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
setFont(Font) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setFont(Font) - Method in class cb.petal.Label
setFormalParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
setFrequency(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Message
setGlobal(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
setGridX(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setGridY(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setHeight(int) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setHeight(int) - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
setHeight(int) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setHidden(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setIcon(String) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setIconHeight(int) - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
setIconStyle(String) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setIconStyle(String) - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
setIconStyle(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
setIconWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
setIDParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.StateView
setIgnoredNodes(Class[]) - Method in class cb.parser.PetalParser
If the parser finds such a node while building the petal tree, the node will be ignored and not added to the tree.
setIgnoredNodes(Class[]) - Method in class cb.parser.Parser
If the parser finds such a node while building the petal tree, the node will be ignored and not added to the tree.
setIncludeAttribute(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
setIncludeOperation(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
setInitialValue(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
setInitialValue(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Parameter
setInitialValue(String) - Method in class cb.generator.FieldImpl
setInitialValue(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Field
setInstance(Factory) - Static method in class cb.generator.Factory
setInstance(ObjectFactory) - Static method in class cb.parser.ObjectFactory
setInstance(PetalObjectFactory) - Static method in class cb.util.PetalObjectFactory
setInstantiationRelationship(InstantiationRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
setInterObjView(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
setIsAggregate(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setIsLoaded(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setIsUnit(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setItalics(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Font
setItems(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
setItems(List) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
setItems(List) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
setItems(List) - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
setItems(List) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
setJustify(int) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setJustify(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.ModView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.SubSysView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.CategoryView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.RelationshipView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessorView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.NoteView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.DeviceView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.StateView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.InterObjView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseView
setLabel(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
setLabel(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
setLabel(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
setLabel(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.RoleView
setLabel(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.DataFlowView
setLabel(SegLabel) - Method in interface cb.petal.SegLabeled
setLabel(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
setLabel(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
setLabel(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew
setLabel(String) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setLabel(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setLabel(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Relationship
setLabel(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Label
setLabel(String) - Method in interface cb.petal.Labeled
setLabel(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
setLabel(String) - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
setLanguage(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
setLanguage(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Module
setLeftMargin(double) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setLineColor(int) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setLineStyle(int) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setLocation(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setLocation(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
setLocation(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setLocation(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
setLocation(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.Label
setLocation(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
setLogicalModels(List) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
setLogicalModels(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Mechanism
setLogicalPresentations(List) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
setLogicalView(ClassCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setMaxHeight(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
setMaxHeight(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
setMaxHeight(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
setMaxHeight(int) - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
setMaxHeight(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
setMaxWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setMaxWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
setMaxWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
setMaxWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
setMaxWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
setMaxWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
setMaxWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
setMaxWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Label
setMaxWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
setMechanismRef(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
setMessages(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Link
setMessView(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.DataFlowView
setMode(boolean) - Static method in class cb.util.Constants
setModelName(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
setModule(String) - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
setModule(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
setMulti(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Object
setMulti(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
setName(String) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
setName(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Tuple
setName(String) - Method in class cb.petal.List
setName(String) - Method in class cb.generator.NodeImpl
setName(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Node
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.State
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Module
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.SubSystem
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Object
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassCategory
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Partition
setNameParameter(String) - Method in interface cb.petal.Named
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Device
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Parameter
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Action
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Message
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Event
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Process
setNested(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
setNestedClasses(List) - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
setNlines(int) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setNlines(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
setNlines(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Label
setNlines(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
setNonclassname(String) - Method in class cb.petal.InstantiatedClass
setNonclassname(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ParameterizedClass
setNotation(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setObjectArc(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
setOperation(Operation) - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
setOperation(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Message
setOperationList(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
setOrdinal(int) - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
setOrdinal(int) - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
setOrdinal(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Message
setOrientation(int) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setOrientation(int) - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
setOrigin(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
setOrigin(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
setOrigin(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
setOriginAttachment(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
setOriginX(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
setOriginX(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
setOriginX(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
setOriginX(int) - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
setOriginX(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
setOriginY(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
setOriginY(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
setOriginY(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
setOriginY(int) - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
setOriginY(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
setPackage(String) - Method in class cb.generator.ClassImpl
setPackage(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Class
setPageOverlap(double) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setParameter(Parameter) - Method in class cb.generator.ParameterImpl
setParameterList(ArrayList) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
setParameters(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
setParameters(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
setParameters(List) - Method in interface cb.generator.Method
setParameters(List) - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
setParent(PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
setParentView(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setParentView(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.RoleView
setParentView(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.Compartment
setParentView(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.ItemLabel
setParentView(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.StateView
setPath(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Module
setPctDist(double) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setPctDist(double) - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
setPDL(String) - Method in class cb.petal.SemanticInfo
setPersistence(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Object
setPetal(Petal) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
setPhysicalModels(List) - Method in class cb.petal.SubSystem
setPhysicalPresentations(List) - Method in class cb.petal.SubSystem
setPostCondition(SemanticInfo) - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
setPriority(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Process
setProcesses(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
setProcessStructure(Processes) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setProcsNDevs(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Processes
setProperties(Properties) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setProperty(int, String, PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
Override property at i, value's "parent" reference points to this object afterwards
setQualifiedNameParameter(String) - Method in interface cb.petal.Qualified
setQualifiedNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
setQualifiedNameParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseView
setQuid(String) - Method in class cb.petal.QuidObject
setQuidAsLong(long) - Method in class cb.petal.QuidObject
setQuidu(String) - Method in class cb.petal.DerivedClass
setQuidu(String) - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduView
setQuidu(String) - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduObject
setQuidu(String) - Method in interface cb.petal.HasQuidu
setQuiduAsLong(long) - Method in class cb.petal.DerivedClass
setQuiduAsLong(long) - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduView
setQuiduAsLong(long) - Method in class cb.petal.QuiduObject
setQuiduAsLong(long) - Method in interface cb.petal.HasQuidu
setRealizedInterfacesList(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
setResult(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
setReturnType(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Method
setReturnType(String) - Method in class cb.generator.MethodImpl
setRightMargin(double) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setRoleName(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setRoles(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Association
setRoleviewList(List) - Method in class cb.petal.AssociationViewNew
setRootCategory(ClassCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setRootSubsystem(SubSystem) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setRootUsecasePackage(ClassCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setScheduling(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Processor
setSecondValue(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Location
setSemantics(SemanticInfo) - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
setSendEvent(SendEvent) - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
setSequence(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Message
setShowClassOfObject(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setShowCompartmentStereotypes(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
setShowMessageNum(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setSize(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Font
setSnapToGrid(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setSpecificationParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Module
setSpecificationParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ModView
setStateMachine(StateMachine) - Method in class cb.petal.State
setStates(List) - Method in class cb.petal.StateMachine
setStatic(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setStatic(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
setStereotype(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassView
setStereotype(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.UseCaseView
setStereotype(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.RelationshipView
setStereotype(String) - Method in class cb.petal.AccessObject
setStereotype(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Module
setStereotype(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Relationship
setStereotype(String) - Method in class cb.petal.SubSystem
setStereotype(String) - Method in interface cb.petal.StereoTyped
setStereotype(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Process
setStrike(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Font
setSubobjects(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
setSubsystem(String) - Method in class cb.petal.LogicalCategory
setSuperclassList(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Inheritable
Set list of InheritanceRelationship objects
setSuperclassList(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
setSupplier(String) - Method in interface cb.petal.HasSupplier
setSupplier(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Link
setSupplier(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Role
setSupplier(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Relationship
setSupplier(String) - Method in class cb.petal.StateTransition
setSupplier(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setSupplierCardinality(Value) - Method in class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
setSupplierContainment(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Link
setSupplierIsDevice(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.ConnectionRelationship
setSupplierIsSpec(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.DependencyRelationship
setSupplierIsSubsystem(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.DependencyRelationship
setSynchronization(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Message
setTag(int) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setTag(int) - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
setTag(int) - Method in class cb.petal.SegLabel
setTag(int) - Method in interface cb.petal.Tagged
setTag(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Mechanism
setTag(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Label
setTarget(String) - Method in class cb.petal.SendEvent
setTerminalAttachment(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
setTerminus(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.InterMessView
setTerminus(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.SelfMessView
setTerminus(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.MessView
setTitle(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
setTitle(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
setTitle(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
setTitle(String) - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
setTitle(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
setTool(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Attribute
setTopMargin(double) - Method in class cb.petal.Defaults
setTransitions(List) - Method in class cb.petal.State
setType(String) - Method in class cb.petal.State
setType(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ClassAttribute
setType(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Parameter
setType(String) - Method in class cb.generator.FieldImpl
setType(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Field
setType(String) - Method in class cb.generator.ParameterImpl
setType(String) - Method in interface cb.generator.Parameter
setTypeParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Module
setTypeParameter(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ModView
setUid(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Operation
setUnderline(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.Font
setUsecaseView(ClassCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.Design
setUsedClassesList(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Class
setUsedNodes(List) - Method in class cb.petal.DerivedClass
setValue(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.BooleanLiteral
setValue(double) - Method in class cb.petal.FloatLiteral
setValue(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Tuple
setValue(int) - Method in class cb.petal.IntegerLiteral
setValue(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Tag
setValue(PetalNode) - Method in class cb.petal.Attribute
setValue(StringLiteral) - Method in class cb.petal.Value
setValueName(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Value
setVersion(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Petal
setVertices(List) - Method in class cb.petal.RoleView
setVertices(List) - Method in class cb.petal.InheritTreeView
setVertices(List) - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
setVisibleModules(List) - Method in class cb.petal.Module
setWhen(String) - Method in class cb.petal.ActionTime
setWidth(int) - Method in class cb.petal.View
setWritten(String) - Method in class cb.petal.Petal
setXOffset(boolean) - Method in class cb.petal.TransView
setXOffset(double) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
setYCoord(int) - Method in class cb.petal.FocusOfControl
setYOffset(double) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectView
setZoom(int) - Method in class cb.petal.Diagram
setZoom(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ObjectDiagram
setZoom(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ModuleDiagram
setZoom(int) - Method in class cb.petal.StateDiagram
setZoom(int) - Method in class cb.petal.ProcessDiagram
SimpleObject - class cb.petal.SimpleObject.
Very simple object, basically just a record.
SimpleObject(PetalNode, String, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.SimpleObject
SimpleViewObject - class cb.petal.SimpleViewObject.
Very simple object, basically just a record.
SimpleViewObject(PetalNode, String, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.SimpleViewObject
size() - Method in class cb.petal.List
State - class cb.petal.State.
Represents State object
State() - Constructor for class cb.petal.State
State(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.State
StateDiagram - class cb.petal.StateDiagram.
Represents State_Diagram object
StateDiagram() - Constructor for class cb.petal.StateDiagram
StateDiagram(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.StateDiagram
StateMachine - class cb.petal.StateMachine.
Represents State_Machine object
StateMachine() - Constructor for class cb.petal.StateMachine
StateMachine(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.StateMachine
StateTransition - class cb.petal.StateTransition.
Represents State_Transition object
StateTransition() - Constructor for class cb.petal.StateTransition
StateTransition(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.StateTransition
StateView - class cb.petal.StateView.
Represents StateView object
StateView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.StateView
StateView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.StateView
StereoTyped - interface cb.petal.StereoTyped.
Denote that a petal object may have an attribute "stereotype", e.g.
STRING - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer
StringLiteral - class cb.petal.StringLiteral.
There are two kinds of string encodings in Rose: Either the usual "foo bar", or a multi line string where each line starts with a |.
StringLiteral(Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.StringLiteral
StringLiteral(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.StringLiteral
SubSystem - class cb.petal.SubSystem.
Represents SubSystem object
SubSystem() - Constructor for class cb.petal.SubSystem
SubSystem(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.SubSystem
SubSysView - class cb.petal.SubSysView.
Represents SubSysView object
SubSysView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.SubSysView
SubSysView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.SubSysView
Swimlane - class cb.petal.Swimlane.
Represents Swimlane object
Swimlane() - Constructor for class cb.petal.Swimlane
Swimlane(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Swimlane
SynchronizationView - class cb.petal.SynchronizationView.
Represents SynchronizationView object
SynchronizationView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.SynchronizationView
SynchronizationView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.SynchronizationView


TAB - Static variable in class cb.util.Constants
Tag - class cb.petal.Tag.
Reference to object.
TAG - Static variable in class cb.parser.Lexer
Tag(int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Tag
Tagged - interface cb.petal.Tagged.
Denote that a petal object has a tag, i.e.
test - package test
Test1 - class test.Test1.
Create nonsense university model found in examples/uni.mdl from scratch.
Test1() - Constructor for class test.Test1
Test2 - class test.Test2.
Create sources for the university model.
Test2() - Constructor for class test.Test2
Test3 - class test.Test3.
Display petal file visually.
Test3() - Constructor for class test.Test3
Test4 - class test.Test4.
Convert Rose file into XMI format.
Test4() - Constructor for class test.Test4
Token - class cb.parser.Token.
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalObject
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.View
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.BooleanLiteral
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.StringLiteral
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.FloatLiteral
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.Tuple
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.List
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.IntegerLiteral
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.Value
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.Tag
toString() - Method in class cb.petal.Location
TransView - class cb.petal.TransView.
Represents TransView object
TransView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.TransView
TransView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.TransView
TRUE - Static variable in class cb.parser.Token
Tuple - class cb.petal.Tuple.
Tuple (name, value), like in ("DataBaseSet" 800)
Tuple(String, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Tuple


ungetToken(Token) - Method in class cb.parser.Lexer
UNIX - Static variable in class cb.util.Constants
UseCase - class cb.petal.UseCase.
Represents UseCase object
UseCase() - Constructor for class cb.petal.UseCase
UseCase(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.UseCase
UseCaseCategory - class cb.petal.UseCaseCategory.
Use case class category.
UseCaseCategory() - Constructor for class cb.petal.UseCaseCategory
UseCaseCategory(PetalObject) - Constructor for class cb.petal.UseCaseCategory
UseCaseDiagram - class cb.petal.UseCaseDiagram.
Represents UseCaseDiagram object
UseCaseDiagram() - Constructor for class cb.petal.UseCaseDiagram
UseCaseDiagram(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.UseCaseDiagram
UseCaseView - class cb.petal.UseCaseView.
Represents UseCaseView object
UseCaseView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.UseCaseView
UseCaseView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.UseCaseView
UsesRelationship - class cb.petal.UsesRelationship.
Represents uses relationship in use case diagrams, in class diagrams this is also used to express dependency relationships.
UsesRelationship() - Constructor for class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
UsesRelationship(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.UsesRelationship
UsesView - class cb.petal.UsesView.
Represents UsesView object
UsesView() - Constructor for class cb.petal.UsesView
UsesView(PetalNode, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.UsesView


Value - class cb.petal.Value.
Values like in (value Text "foo")
Value(String, StringLiteral) - Constructor for class cb.petal.Value
valueForPathChanged(TreePath, Object) - Method in class cb.petal.PetalFile
Messaged when the user has altered the value for the item identified by path to newValue.
VERSION - Static variable in class cb.util.Constants
View - class cb.petal.View.
Super class for all view objects used in the diagrams.
View(PetalNode, String, Collection, int) - Constructor for class cb.petal.View
View(String) - Constructor for class cb.petal.View
VisibilityRelationship - class cb.petal.VisibilityRelationship.
Represents Visibility_Relationship object
VisibilityRelationship() - Constructor for class cb.petal.VisibilityRelationship
VisibilityRelationship(PetalNode, Collection) - Constructor for class cb.petal.VisibilityRelationship
visit(Action) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Action) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Action) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ActionTime) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ActionTime) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ActionTime) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ActivityDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ActivityDiagram) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ActivityDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ActivityStateView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ActivityStateView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ActivityStateView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(AssocAttachView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(AssocAttachView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(AssocAttachView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Association) - Method in class cb.parser.MyPrintVisitor
visit(Association) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Association) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Association) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Association) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
visit(AssociationViewNew) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(AssociationViewNew) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(AssociationViewNew) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(AttachView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(AttachView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(AttachView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Attribute) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Attribute) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Attribute) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(BooleanLiteral) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(BooleanLiteral) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(BooleanLiteral) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(BooleanLiteral) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(CategoryView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(CategoryView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(CategoryView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Class) - Method in class cb.parser.MyPrintVisitor
visit(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Class) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Class) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Class) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
visit(ClassAttribute) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ClassAttribute) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ClassAttribute) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ClassAttribute) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
visit(ClassDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ClassDiagram) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ClassDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ClassInstanceView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ClassInstanceView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ClassInstanceView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ClassView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ClassView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ClassView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Compartment) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Compartment) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Compartment) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ConnectionRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ConnectionRelationship) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ConnectionRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ConnectionView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ConnectionView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ConnectionView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(DataFlowView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(DataFlowView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(DataFlowView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(DecisionView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(DecisionView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(DecisionView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Defaults) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Defaults) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Defaults) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(DependencyRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(DependencyRelationship) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(DependencyRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(DependencyView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(DependencyView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(DependencyView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Design) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Design) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Design) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Device) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Device) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Device) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(DeviceView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(DeviceView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(DeviceView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Event) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Event) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Event) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ExternalDoc) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ExternalDoc) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ExternalDoc) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(FloatLiteral) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(FloatLiteral) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(FloatLiteral) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(FloatLiteral) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(FocusOfControl) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(FocusOfControl) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(FocusOfControl) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Font) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Font) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Font) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ImportView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ImportView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ImportView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(InheritanceRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(InheritanceRelationship) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(InheritanceRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(InheritanceRelationship) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
visit(InheritTreeView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(InheritTreeView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(InheritTreeView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(InheritView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(InheritView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(InheritView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(InstantiateView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(InstantiateView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(InstantiateView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(InstantiationRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(InstantiationRelationship) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(InstantiationRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(IntegerLiteral) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(IntegerLiteral) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(IntegerLiteral) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(IntegerLiteral) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(InteractionDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(InteractionDiagram) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(InteractionDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(InterfaceView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(InterfaceView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(InterfaceView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(InterMessView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(InterMessView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(InterMessView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(InterObjView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(InterObjView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(InterObjView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ItemLabel) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ItemLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Label) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Label) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Label) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Link) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Link) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Link) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(LinkSelfView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(LinkSelfView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(LinkSelfView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(LinkView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(LinkView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(LinkView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(List) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(List) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(List) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(List) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Location) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Location) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Location) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(LogicalCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(LogicalCategory) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(LogicalCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Mechanism) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Mechanism) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Mechanism) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Message) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Message) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Message) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(MessView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(MessView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(MessView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Module) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Module) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Module) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ModuleDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ModuleDiagram) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ModuleDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ModuleVisibilityRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ModuleVisibilityRelationship) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ModuleVisibilityRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ModView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ModView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ModView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ModVisView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ModVisView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ModVisView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(NoteView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(NoteView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(NoteView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Object) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Object) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ObjectDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ObjectDiagram) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ObjectDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ObjectView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ObjectView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ObjectView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Operation) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Operation) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Operation) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Operation) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
visit(Parameter) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Parameter) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Parameter) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Partition) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Partition) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Partition) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Petal) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Petal) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Petal) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(PetalFile) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(PetalFile) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(PetalFile) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(PetalFile) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Process) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Process) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Process) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ProcessDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ProcessDiagram) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ProcessDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Processes) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Processes) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Processes) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Processor) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Processor) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Processor) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(ProcessorView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(ProcessorView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(ProcessorView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Properties) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Properties) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Properties) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(RealizeRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(RealizeRelationship) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(RealizeRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(RealizeRelationship) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
visit(RealizeView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(RealizeView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(RealizeView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Role) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Role) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Role) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(RoleView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(RoleView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(RoleView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(SegLabel) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(SegLabel) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(SelfMessView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(SelfMessView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(SelfMessView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(SemanticInfo) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(SemanticInfo) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(SemanticInfo) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(SendEvent) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(SendEvent) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(SendEvent) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(SimpleObject) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(SimpleObject) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(SimpleObject) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(SimpleViewObject) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(SimpleViewObject) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(SimpleViewObject) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(State) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(State) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(State) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(StateDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(StateDiagram) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(StateDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(StateMachine) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(StateMachine) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(StateMachine) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(StateTransition) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(StateTransition) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(StateTransition) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(StateView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(StateView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(StateView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(StringLiteral) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(StringLiteral) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(StringLiteral) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(StringLiteral) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(SubSystem) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(SubSystem) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(SubSystem) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(SubSysView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(SubSysView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(SubSysView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Swimlane) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Swimlane) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Swimlane) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(SynchronizationView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(SynchronizationView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(SynchronizationView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Tag) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Tag) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Tag) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(TransView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(TransView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(TransView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Tuple) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(Tuple) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Tuple) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Tuple) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(UseCase) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(UseCase) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(UseCase) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(UseCaseCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(UseCaseCategory) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(UseCaseCategory) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(UseCaseDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(UseCaseDiagram) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(UseCaseDiagram) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(UseCaseView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(UseCaseView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(UseCaseView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(UsesRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(UsesRelationship) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(UsesRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(UsesRelationship) - Method in class cb.generator.Generator
visit(UsesView) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(UsesView) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(UsesView) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(Value) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visit(Value) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(Value) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(Value) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visit(VisibilityRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
visit(VisibilityRelationship) - Method in interface cb.petal.Visitor
visit(VisibilityRelationship) - Method in class cb.petal.EmptyVisitor
visitObject(PetalObject) - Method in class cb.parser.PrintVisitor
visitObject(PetalObject) - Method in class cb.parser.MyPrintVisitor
visitObject(PetalObject) - Method in class cb.util.PiggybackVisitor
visitObject(PetalObject) - Method in class cb.util.ObjectGenerator
visitObject(PetalObject) - Method in class cb.petal.DescendingVisitor
Visitor - interface cb.petal.Visitor.
Visitor interface.